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We make it easy for you to live an inspired life. We make gifting fun.

Our products will help you record your memories and process your emotions one art field at a time. Try it. It's life changing.


Good things in life can be free. Browse through our collection of free downloadable prints. You can print these pieces of art as posters, t-shirts, mugs and what not.

Find a place for these in your everyday field of reference because you deserve a mood uplifter. Share these with. a friend who might need some inspiration too.

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Framed Wall Art

Transform your environment with the serene beauty of 100million's Framed Wall Art Collection: Embrace the power of art to create an ambiance of elegance and tranquility.

100 millionartfields

Download digital prints that you can use to print as posters, cards or create your own print on demand tshirts, mugs, laptop bags, tote bags, framed art and so much more.

Everyday Feel-Good Products

Buy bags,socks,mugs and other products that inspire you because you're too good to be boring

  • The Idea

    The way we live our lives, is the way we leave our lives.'

    I read this line somewhere and it's made a profound impact on how I've changed my life. Through A Million Art Fields, I want to share this message with the world. 

    - Chandni Kapur

  • A Journey

    100Millionartfields is a journey toward compassion, one daily thought, object and habit at a time. Have you noticed how time stops when we look at something stunningly beautiful. Beauty captures our attention and brings us into the present moment 100%. That's the feeling I'd like my products to create for you - they may or may not stop time for you but if they help you to build a better thought, habit and connect with yourself and your life, that will mean 100Millionartfields met it's purpose. 

  • Vision

    100Millionartfields came into being to bring art into our everyday lives in a more meaningful way. The mugs we use, the paper we take notes on, the artwork on our walls, the clothes we wear, everything around us influences the way we think. So why not make these everyday objects talk to us in the way we want to be spoken to. 

    My vision is to inspire, empower and teach people to create better life experiences.

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