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Travel Often - Mood Tracker

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The Travel Often Mood Tracker is a one-page downloadable (pdf) template that you can use every day or just on travels to record your feelings. It's easy to use and reuse multiple times. 

Why track your mood

  • It brings you to the present moment 
  • It reminds you about how transient moods and emotions are (changing everyday)
  • It is a beautiful way to question your thoughts and feelings (Is it really, really true?)
  • It makes you pause and reflect on what's important
  • It helps you to take note of the progress you're making over time
  • It nudges you to take action

This one pager works because

  • It takes a few minutes - not overly complicated
  • It beautiful and hopefully gives you a safe way to express how you feel

Three easy ways to build the tracking habit

  • Save it on your phone and edit as often as you need to 
  • Save it on your desktop and edit in powerpoint
  • Print copies and put pen to paper 

Gift it to yourself or a friend who needs a bit of compassion.