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Deeply Grounded Water Bottle

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Deeply Grounded Series Printed Water Bottle by 100millionartfields

Hydrate and connect with every sip from our specially crafted Printed Water Bottle, a part of the transcendent "Deeply Grounded" series by 100millionartfields. Immerse yourself in the beauty of being present, staying hydrated, and being reminded of the profound depth of grounding with this artful vessel.

The "Deeply Grounded" series is a reminder of the profound connection we share with the present moment. Our Printed Water Bottles are more than just containers; they are a constant nudge towards mindfulness, prompting you to not just drink but deeply connect, and appreciate the now.

Product Highlights:

Material: Crafted with high-grade stainless steel, promising durability and ensuring that your beverage stays pure and uncontaminated.
Capacity: A generous 17 oz (500 ml), perfect for staying hydrated throughout your daily adventures.
Vacuum Flask: Maintains your beverage's temperature for longer durations.
Double-wall Construction: Offers insulation, ensuring your drink remains cold or hot for up to 6 hours.
Bowling Pin Shape: A unique design, making it both aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic to hold.
Glossy Finish: Accompanied with our patented ORCA coating which ensures vibrant colors, adding an artistic touch to your everyday hydration routine.
Odorless and Leak-proof Cap: Guarantees no spillage, making it perfect for on-the-go use.
Design: Featuring distinctive Art print water bottle designs from the "Deeply Grounded" series, turning every sip into a meditation, a reminder to stay present and connected.
Care: While this bottle is a masterpiece, it requires a gentle touch. Hand-wash only to maintain its finish and function.
Ethical Sourcing: Our blank products are sourced responsibly from China, ensuring quality while adhering to ethical production standards.
Disclaimer: For the best experience and hygiene, avoid keeping water or other beverages in the bottle for over 24 hours, as prolonged durations can result in an unpleasant smell.

The "Deeply Grounded" Printed Water Bottle is more than just a Custom Water Bottle; it is an emblem of mindfulness and connection. Let every sip remind you of the essence of staying grounded, feeling alive, and making choices from a place of presence. Whether it's a treat for yourself or a gift for a loved one, this water bottle serves as a beacon of mindfulness in our often hectic lives. Stay hydrated, stay grounded.