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Deeply Grounded (Self Reflection Journal) Template

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Do you have trouble connecting with yourself or want a deeper connection to self?

Then you must get the Deeply Grounded and Loving it journal to help you get unstuck and develop a beautiful grounding routine. 

Feeling grounded means feeling safe to be fully connected to the present moment, when we're not thinking of the past or the future and all our energy is connected to what's happening around us now. Very few people are good at this, and it comes with practice. 

Why we need a grounding practice in our lives

  • We make better decisions when we feel grounded. It's that simple; we have a better experience of life because we by connecting with the energy around us we feel more alive and in choice.
  • By journalling your thoughts, you'll be able to connect better with what's stopping you from feeling grounded, what you need to do more of and how this practice connects with your bigger picture.
  • It's super simple to use and can be completed all at once or one question at a time.
  • You can use this on your phone, or desktop or print and reuse on a weekly or monthly basis to review your progress
  • If you're unsure, JUST start.

What you'll get

A 13 page pdf re-usable template that includes 4 simple journalling questions, a few inspiring thoughts, and a space to brainstorm ideas. 

How to edit the journal and make it your own

1. Save a copy of the file so you can reuse it a number of times.

2. Use the Adobe markup toolbar to edit, make notes, highlight the document.

3. If you're not quite sure how to use a pdf template, here's a few step by step instructions that might be helpful (scroll the page to the section called How to edit a pdf)