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30 Simple Questions to change how you feel about your day (and manage your emotions better) - SLOW ANIMATION VERSION

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We have a lot on our mind most of the time. This creates what I call mind clutter.

This collection of 30 simple questions is designed to help you reframe your thoughts and channelise them in a more productive, positive direction. By doing that, you'll be able to shape your thoughts more constructively and manage your emotions better. 

This is important because unresolved thoughts lead to unhelpful emotions, which can ruin your mood, your day, your health. So catch your thoughts at the right time and think better thoughts. 

The pack includes a little instruction card on how to use the questions. 

This is a fabulous gift (to self or others) if

  • You've got a lot on your mind
  • You want to learn to live more mindfully
  • You're keen to practice compassion 
  • You're interested in this concept of self love but don't know where to start
  • You struggle with your mood sometimes

Try it! 

What you'll receive:  A downloadable video with slow animation and background sound for added inspiration.

You could pause and play as you like, or use it on the go to put your travel time to good use. 

Still not sure, check out the free downloadable teaser here to try out 3 questions.