About us

'The way we live our lives, is the way we leave our lives.'

I read this line somewhere and it's made a profound impact on how I've changed my life. Through A Million Art Fields, I want to share this message with the world. 

A Million Art Fields came into being to bring art into our everyday lives in a more meaningful way. The mugs we use, the paper we take notes on, the artwork on our walls, the clothes we wear, it all influences the way we think. So why not make these everyday objects talk to us in the way we want to be spoken to. 

A Million Art Fields is also a journey toward compassion, one daily object or habit at a time. Have you noticed how that feeling of time stops when we look at something stunningly beautiful. It captures our attention and brings us into the present moment 100%. We there with that beauty and nowhere else. That's the feeling I'd like my products to create for you - they may or may not stop time for you but if they connect you better to yourself and your goals, that will be job done. 

This is just the start. There are a million art fields we need to create. 

I'm not an artist, I pretend everyday to be one. In that pretension, I stay open to where this journey will take me. 

If you'd like to collaborate or work with me, get in touch.