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2022 Intention Calendar

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 Our time on this earth is precious. Let's use it well.

This intention calendar will help to you stop living passively and start living intentionally. Instead of just marking out important dates and things to do, make 2022 about celebrating and connecting more deeply with you.

Intention Calendars work because

  • We need frequent reminders of the things /thoughts that are important to us
  • It becomes easier to work on one intention (one month) at a time
  • They create a great sticky combination of language, colour, story and time... everything that memories are made of
  • They just sit there quietly in the background and work on our subconscious 

You won't know until you try. 

What you'll receive: A 14 page downloadable pdf that you can print into A5 cards that you can write on or retain in digital format and annotate with notes.